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Legal Translation

Legal Translation

100% Guaranteed legal acceptance

• Judgements
• Summons
• Divorce papers
• Legal Contract
• Real Estate Deeds
• Financial Records
• Immigration Papers
• Medical Records
• Real Estate Deeds, Leases
• Wills
• Agreements

High Quality Legal Translation Service

Attorney Services

Professional legal translation services for attorneys-at-law, corporate officials, solicitors, corporate lawyers and all legal professionals.

All our translations can be certified to be produced before courts of justice in Europe, America, Latin Americ, by issuing an Apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention Treaty and it is guaranteed to be accepted for legal purposes.

For international process serving please email us.

If you are looking for a high-quality document translation that you can confidently present either in court or for other legal purposes... don't even look further!

We work closely with numerous law firms in the USA and abroad. We deliver and guaranty a reliable, quality service.

Other Legal Services


International Process Serving


We serve the following industries

Medical, Legal, Automotive

Insurance, Government, Academic

Construction, Real Estate

Customer Satisfaction

✓ Fast - 24/7 - Rush Service.
✓ Bilingual translators
✓ Most competitive rates
✓ Guaranteed 100% accuracy
✓ All languages
✓ Confidentiality
✓ Easy Quote request
✓ Easy ordering
✓ Customer service

Translation process

Our translations go through the following steps: accepting the project; evaluating the document; assigning the translator with the specific subject matter expertise; proofreading and editing by a 2nd bilingual translator.

Quality and experience

Our translators are working hard to meet quality standards. Every document is double and triple checked by a proofreader or editor before the finished document is delivered to you.

Turn around time and competitive rates

Through our services we strive to be recognized by our customers as the industry leader. We understand that timely, value-driven services of superior quality are most important to our customer. We deliver your translated and certified documents within days at an unbeatable price.