How is a translation “certified”?

Certification of a translation is the process when the translated document by a professional translator attests in writing that the translation has been translated accurately to the translator’s best knowledge and ability. This written “certification” may be obtained by the translator of the translations agency attesting and signing that this is the true and correct translation of the original document. The original document shall be attached to the translation in order to make it clear what was translated and the language that it was translated from should also be noted.

Does a translator need to be “certified” in order to be able to provide a “certified translation”?

No. A professional translator with many years experience who is well-established and recognized as a high quality translator in the industry can also translate important documents accurately. The certification process can be obtained by attesting to the accuracy of the translation. There are many schools or associations that offer certification of a translator by offering different courses and tests that the translator must pass in order to test their language skills. However, that is not necessary for the certification process of a translation. The translations agency working with professional translators will have to make sure that the translator working on your document is experienced and highly skilled linguist.

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