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Professional Translation Services

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Type of professional translations we offer

+ Corporate Translations

You have built a reputable business, your clients trust you and you care about your customers. Yes, this is what we all strive for. However, when your company is ready to expand and reach out to a global, international market in other countries, it is crucial for your corporation to choose the right corporate translation agency that helps you communicate with your international clients in their native language in order to provide marketing materials, or customer service.

Several studies have shown that people are far more likely to buy a product or service from a company that communicates with them in their own native language.

Certified Translation can help you take your global business in the right direction.Ā This is why we employ only specialized, bilingual professional translators.

One project manager is assigned to each corporate translation project who ensures that your materials go through a comprehensive three-step process: translation, proofreading and editing, ensuring that the integrity of your corporate documents is preserved in any language from English to Spanish to German and beyond.

Certified Translation offers professional corporate translation services if you need your UserĀ Manual, OfficeĀ Manuals,Ā CorporateĀ Agreements, Presentations, Social Media Articles, blogs, Website Translation and all your corporate documents. Contact us for your corporate translation service needs at 1-866-201-2921.

+ Legal Translations

Certified Translation specializes in human certified legal translation services. It is extremely important to have the most important legal documents translated accurately within applicable deadlines. We assign highly-skilled bilingual translators to each project to ensure the accuracy of your documents, offering to sign NDA’s and to keep all documents confidential.Ā 

Professional legal translation services are intended for use by attorneys-at-law, corporate officials, corporate lawyers, and any other legal professionals. Any and all of our translations can be certified for use in Courts of Law within the Unites States, as well as across Europe, America, Latin America, and more by issuing an Apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention Treaty.Ā 

Let Certified Translation translate your legalĀ Agreements, Summons, Appeal, Decisions, Corporate Documents, regardless if it is from French to English or English to Spanish, we translate over 100 commercial languages.

+ Technical Translations

Technical translation services are specialized translations which involve texts relating to technological or scientific subject matter. These translation services include the translation of many varieties of specialized, technical texts requiring a high level of knowledge of the subject at hand, and a mastery of the terminology at work in both languages in question. Here at Certified Translation, we pride ourselves on being able to pair every project, no matter how specialized, with a translator who is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver an accurate and consistent translation of your technical documents in a timely fashion, with a keen eye for detail.

We serve the following industries: Aviation, Tourism, Automotive, Manufacturing, Entertainments, Insurance, Entertainment, Oil and Electronics.

+ Multilingual Translations

Selecting the perfect translation service provider for multilingual translation can be a complicated task. You might have a User Manual, a Training Material, a Presentation or an Instruction Manual that you want to translate into several languages at the same time. Reaching out globally in today’s competitive market is almost a requirement, therefore you must communicate with your global audience and clientele in their native language. When choosing your translation agency for such an important task, you can trust Certified Translation as your multilingual translation service provider. In business for over 18 years we have the expertise, experience and a large number of Ā high quality hand selected Ā translators and interpreters available based on technical, medical or legal experience.

Certified Translation can translate your documents into several languages simultaneously and transparently. We translate from and into +100 languages and we serve all industry type.

How to order


Gather your documents. Upload and choose to Request a Quote or simply Order Translation.


Specify your details such as your preferred languages, your deadline, how many copies you would like.


Receive your translation. We work fast, 24 hour service is available.

Our Capabilities / Industries

  • Office Manual
  • Safety Manual
  • Corporation Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Real Estate Deeds
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Websites
  • Posts
  • Emails
  • Articles
  • Real Estate Deeds
  • Leases
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Financial Records
  • Contracts, Agreements
  • Legal Contracts
  • Training Materials
  • Technical Documents
  • Complex Technical
  • Videos
  • Decrees
  • Automotive
  • Advertising
  • Multimedia
  • Insurance Institutions
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality & Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Finance & Banking
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications

Translation process


Our translations go through the following steps:

  • accepting the project;
  • evaluating the document;
  • assigning the translator with the specific subject matter expertise; proofreading and
  • editing by a 2nd bi-lingual translator.

Quality and promise


Here at Certified Translation, we hold ourselves to only the highest of standards and provide a 100% accuracy guarantee. In addition, we are constantly striving to improve our level of customer service, and it is our goal to be the best in the industry.

For these reasons, a large percentage of our customers, nearly 95%, have come back to us for additional translations, and over 80% are ā€˜regularsā€™ who utilize Certified TranslationĀ on an ongoing basis for all their translation needs.Ā 

Large and ongoing projects

In business for over 18 years we served thousands of clients worldwide, from small to Fortune500 Corporations. Here at Certified Translation our bilingual translators Ā stand by to translate and interpret for you.Ā 


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